Hizze Fletcher-King

 / artist + art director

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'Brighton Resists' mural /2017

The Marlborough Pub & Theatre, Brighton






In Summer 2018 I was involved in a very exciting Orange is The New Black x PRIDE  project commissioned by NETFLIX! The first stage was a mural in Soho, London which I completed before London Pride in the first week of July. The mural featured life size characters from the series plus quotes from the show and my own LGBTQ+ language relating to Pride. Social Life, the social media agency who brought me onboard, made official Instagram GIF's from my artwork that can be found by hashtagging #oitnb on your Instagram story.





Social Life also made a timelapse of me and my assistants making the mural which featured on Netflix's Facebook page HERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>





I went on to make another half size mural in my studio which was

photographed for reproduction in Belfast and Margate for

their own PRIDE celebrations. I drew some additional

regional elements for each city which were added digitally

before printing.




For the last phase I produced another live mural in my

hometown of BRIGHTON for Pride.







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November 22nd 2018: 'The Mitre's Touch'


I am currently showing in a group exhibition at 35 Gallery, Brighton. 'The Mitre's Touch' is the brainchild of creative framers Rainsford James. They invited a select group of artists to produce work specifically for the show and then went on to frame the work in unique and exciting ways. I produced 'FREDDIE'S COMING OUT JACKET', a customised biker jacket using mixed media: acrylic, spraypaint, pen, ink. I then made a portrait of Freddie Mercury to attach to the back of the jacket by hand painting onto satin then quilting to give a 3 dimensional effect. I finished off with studs, safety pins, patches and badges. The entire surface of the jacket was covered. I placed the jacket on a gold bust and Rainsford James framed with a perspex box and revolving base!The exhibition continues until December 22nd and is open Thursday-Sunday.


December 7th 2018: My solo show is now on at BRUSH Gallery in Brighton!

'It's Not All Black & White' is a collection of mixed media artwork I've produced over the last two years. Check out more info here


December 4th - 31st 2018


84 Gloucester Road BN1 4AP Brighton


April 2019

I'm super thrilled to reveal that my 'Closet Door #1' has been licensed for reproduction for an exciting project. I can't say too much now as the official launch isn't until June 4th but Watch This Space for more info!!